Where have I been???

Where have I been???

It’s been a good 4-5 months since I’ve published a post on here.

Well, the family and I moved to ATL!! Went from a wish to reality in the span of six months. We just up and did it! We acquired jobs, a home and have been building our nest ever since.

This move has been a rather smooth transition with a few snags here and there. The biggest being how to move all our stuff out here. We wound up just taking what can fit in our suitcases and replacing everything else. Something that was exciting for me. A true fresh start on life to blaze my own trail, forge my own path. Filling up our home with furniture and Knick knacks that we like and just enjoying the peace of your own space. It feels nice!

Our son is adjusting quiet well. He has made new friends, started a new school and is developing new and old interests. He has taking up dancing like his father as well as video game streaming. Proud of my pumpkin and elated that he is just as happy as I to be here.

I started a new career in logistics which is…interesting to say the least. New people, new environment. Do I like it? Kind of. While it is interesting it is not an industry, I necessarily desire to be apart of, from this angle anyway. I want to interact with this industry as a customer, utilizing this company to move my future products. I am taking notes on what to look out for and how I want to go about developing my supply chain. All in all, I kind of like what I do but I know there is more and staying focused on building our services.

As for the site the beauty reviews, BoxyCharm posts, and monthly life updates will be back. As well as cooking posts and more vlog like videos so be sure to check out my YouTube channel as well!


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