Guess what I did while in quarantine?


The things being the launch of my husband and I catering company, Mellow Vibes Catering. I got back into the groove of writing and learning web design skills with this blog. Now I have relaunched SKINN by Nella.

What is SKINN by Nella?

Its my contribution to the skincare community. I share my knowledge to help us all have healthier skin. I am passionate about keeping the largest organ on the human body healthy and glowing. For a small fee I consult with my clients and go over their skin concerns and educate them about them and how we can combat them. My goal is to get back to full facial and skincare services but for now I will start out small and build my way up. The proof that my methods and education works is in the facial masking pudding!

After the virus that shall not be named hit, the hospitality and personal grooming services industry slowed way down. A big part of what I do requires touch, but I have found a way around that!!

Now introducing virtual consultations with me, Nella!! Using the form linked below or the email and phone number provided on the card you can reach out to me with skincare concerns and I will be happy to help for a small fee of course!

For $45 we will spend an hour going over your skin concerns, I’ll provide a virtual skin analysis, educate you on ingredients, your skin type and provide a skincare routine with suggested products  that are easily accessible.

So, what are you waiting for book a consultation with me today!

Check out my IG as well!

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