Nella’s Corner

Nella’s Corner

I’m all for hospitality. I love going to hotels, spas or even my local grocery store and feeling welcomed. I like making people feel that way as much as I like to feel that way. What other industry besides hospitality and tourism would someone like me fit in?

Beauty/ cosmetology of course!

I have always had a passion for fashion and beauty. Ask my mom I wanted to be an artist/fashion designer when I was younger. The tube dress would’ve been my staple piece. But as I got older my passions grew and expanded. I fell in love with food, coffee, guest service and education. I dabbled in all of these industries but one thing remained a constant. My great customer service and hospitable attitude. It comes naturally to me to care for others, not in a medical way but the “let’s boost that self esteem” way. I have always had an eye for beauty. From plating to putting together a bomb makeup look I use that eye for beauty to enhance and bring forth what was already there.

It is my goal with this space on the web to share what I see. Share what I know. Share what I have learned and would like to learn more about.

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