Brunch at Two Eggs!

Brunch at Two Eggs!

A while back my best friend and I popped out for brunch at a local eatery named Two Eggs! A great breakfast/lunch/brunch restaurant in the McDonough area. This trip was my first time there and I look forward to going back real soon.

We ordered Mimosas and beignets to start us off. Both were delicious especially the beignets! They were warm, sweet and flaky and were paired with a delicious warm strawberry syrup.

For our entrees I ordered the Shrimp and grits. My friend ordered a plate of buttermilk pancakes and eggs. The shrimp and grits were delicious! It took a while for our food to come out but its safe to say that’s due to the food being made to order. The shrimp and grits came out piping hot and fresh. The pancakes and eggs were also hot as if they just came right off the griddle. Honestly no complaints from me on the service and food from this restaurant. 10/10 recommend if you’re ever in the area.

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