End of year reflection

End of year reflection

Now where do I begin? Last year was a whole bad b*tch emphasis on the b*itch part. Pardon my French but how many times have you caught yourself saying wtf?! Every other news update left me even more confused and distraught than the last. People dying, people rioting, states on fire, our whole government just a mess and that is just to name a few.

Last year was terrible but on a personal level it was phenomenal. Nothing like a near death experience to give you a whole new outlook on life. For me it was catching Covid and hanging in complete limbo of what to do about it. I became infected when they were not testing everybody or admitting everybody to the hospital, when we were all freaking the entire freak out hoarding toiletries and PPE. I called my doctor and was told “well just isolate, the doctor has too many patients at this time”. That blew me, but that is what I did and eventually I got better. Those weeks of uncertainty took me on an emotional rollercoaster. Not wanting to infect my child or mother with pre-existing conditions and my husband who still stuck by my side and nursed me back to health. Wild times.

After that all that we carried on to the best of our ability, adapting to a life spent mostly at home. We upgraded our surroundings in a way we honestly could not have if we were not forced to stay home. Nearing the end of the year we took a leap of faith to go to Georgia to get a glimpse into the future and motivation to keep going despite the tumultuous time.

2020 I stopped and smelled the roses, I also tied up loose ends and opened new doors. I came into the new year with a new perspective and out look on life. I am coming for all the things this year! Will it be easy? Most likely not but it will be possible and worth the effort? ABSOLUTELY!

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