Who do you watch on Youtube?

Who do you watch on Youtube?

            Do you have cable? I do not, well not really. I have YouTube TV but that is as far my “cable” experience is going. If I am not watching that I am usually surfing YouTube. Over 5 billion people watch YouTube! I figured why not share my own list of who I subscribed to and watch frequently.


 I love her channel!! She has this dope playlist of videos called “Bad movies and a Beat” where she does her makeup while telling the audience about a bad movie. She also has entertaining story times and makeup related content.

Allyiah’s Face

I pull up to Alliyah’s channel ready to see how it is to live in the ATL. She does a weekly vlog that I obviously come back every week for. She also does hair and makeup related content with a segment called WWAD (What Would Alliyah Do) where she answers subscribes questions on what she would do if she were in their situation.

Jackie Aina

Honestly by this point who is not following and watching Aunt Jackie? I first got put on to her channel from a Facebook beauty group when I was trying to find ‘beauty gurus’ that looked a bit more like me in the complexion department. I have been watching and liking her videos ever since. She does beauty related content but what keeps me watching is her personality that comes through as she blends out a fire eye look.

Bailey Sarian

I stumbled upon Bailey Sarian’s videos one day in a Facebook beauty group (gotta love those beauty groups). I came across one of her makeup mysteries Monday’s videos, where she does her makeup while discussing murder mysteries. I love these videos. I love the make up looks she creates and the stories that she discusses are remarkably interesting


Years ago, while on my hunt for black girl friendly beauty content I came across Tay’s channel. Since then she has shifted to more so vlogs and fashion content. She shares a glimpse into her life of being a business owner and just getting to explore new places. I enjoy her travel vlogs.

Now for a change in pace because I do not just watch vlogs and beauty content all day.


I might not seem like a hardcore gamer, but I am a hard-core Simmer and Plumbella satisfies my urge to just watch someone else play my favorite game. She does speed builds and has the “The Entire History of…” series that I thoroughly enjoyed. In that series she broke down the lore in the sims linking family trees and giving context and background to the game up until The Sims 4.


I love cartoons. I am an adult that can sit and watch any type of animation for hours. Curt’s channel is him telling life stories and attempting to teach life lessons all in a cute animation style. I enjoy his content because of its relatability and even when I can’t relate it’s still funny to watch.

The 85 south comedy show

Now when it comes to this channel, they take the cake for consistently making me laugh and leave a video of theirs pleased and informed. Before this pandemic they used to travel the country doing comedy shows and posting some the shows here. They also record a podcast and post it on the channel a well. On their podcast they feature guest but even without a guest they are a hilarious trio and make my day.

A space alien explains

I love this channel! Its informative, its funny and its animated!! I thoroughly enjoy Vibi explaining historical events with a context I ever considered. She also makes cool pretty cool art and is the one of the animators for CurtRichy’s videos.

Now for a special speed list of the gossip/tea channels that I follow because how else will I win those pop culture trivia game night questions if I’m not hip to what’s going on in pop culture.

Gossip/ celebrity entertainment


The Lionel B show

E! News

Real Reality Gossip

GotDamnZoe (although I also watch his other content, but I tune in for messy Mondays)

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