My Current Favorite Podcasts

My Current Favorite Podcasts

Ever heard of podcasts? Of course, you have! Everybody and their mom have one! Well everyone except for me…for now. This is not about starting a podcast though; this is about podcasts that I find dope. They are by amazing people and touch on interesting topics. They are Black ran and owned programming that I believe everyone can enjoy.

The Read – Crissle & Kid Fury 

Ugly by Nature Podcast – Carlyle Campbell

The Read by Crissle and Kid Fury is a great weekly podcast that discusses current events in pop culture, shines a light on black and lgbtq+ issues and gives hilarious commentary and advice to readers who write in.

Ugly by Nature is a funny, insightful, and entertaining weekly podcast by Carlyle Campbell. Each week listeners can tune in on any podcast streaming service and listen to Carlyle’s take on current events, pop culture and recaps of todays hit shows such as Lovecraft Country and RHOP.

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