August Life Update

August Life Update

This month has been…challenging. Covid is still running rampant. Everything is still up in the air and on an “enter at your own risk” basis. I thank God for seeing another month for sure, but I am tired. I am mentally and emotionally drained. The lack in variation of the people and place that I see and interact with is starting to take its toll. I am tired of the same old scenery. I like to travel and explore. I am not a homebody.

I had plans for this summer. My son was supposed to go to Georgia and spend the summer with his God family. I had every intention of using that time to work and save up to move. Now I do not know what I am supposed to be doing. I can get back out there but get out there and do what? School year is set to begin in a month and while we decided to do remote learning, we have no idea what exactly that entails. Valid information is hard to come by since no one knows what they are doing. Apparently taking a beat to figure that out is wrong. Everything is just a mess.


On the bright side: nobody knows what they are doing. So, I find some odd sense of comfort in that. I know I have done all I can do so all there is left to do is wait. We must wait to hear and see what our leaders plans to do. We must wait after traveling before resuming “life”. We must wait for test results. So just wait, be patient. It is hard I cannot deny that. I feel antsy from all this waiting, but I know it is not in vain. How? No clue I just know. Life has a funny way of showing out.

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