Where have I been?

Where have I been?

          I have been right here. Consumed by life, you know adulthood, parenthood, trying to get out the hood. I have not been as consistent as I would like to be, granted you see a post from me at least once a month but for me it feels as though it is not enough. I’m not talking about creatively for I have all the ideas, but the execution has become a bit more complicated. I lack any motivation to type, not write but type. I have posts handwritten in my Nella’s Corner journal but to transfer those posts to the site has been a hassle. I do not know what it is. Maybe its these claws that I call nails, It is quite hard to type with these things. (If only y’all knew how many typos I must go over and fix.) Or it might be the fact that in the past year I have experienced loss some I was not ready for others were long overdue, but a loss is a loss and I guess a lack of motivation is a side effect.  Writing this though is a start. Its therapy. I miss writing and I miss breaking down these beauty products.

In other news…

I want to get into another form of expression. I have become much more comfortable in front of the camera as you can see from previous posts. Its easy to set up a camera and talk so I have been considering the idea of switching from written posts to all videos.  Maybe even a podcast, not beauty related but a dating and marriage podcast. I have friends that are still wading the dating waters and as a newlywed myself I have some tea on married life. An opportunity to hear from all sides of the dating-sphere. This is still in the brainstorm phase of course but wouldn’t that be cool?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Are You A Member?

Are You A Member?

What a time to be alive when you can get a box every month or week with dinner, a new wardrobe, or grooming supplies. As a subscriptions lover I have tried my fair share and are always on the lookout for a new service to sign up for. I have compiled a list of some subscription services I have come across, some I tried and some I am considering signing up for this year.

  1. Savage X Fenty

Savage X Fenty is a lingerie subscription service curated and created by Rihanna. It is full of sexy, colorful pieces that compliments all body types. While I have yet to become a VIP member myself, I do have a few pieces from this line, and they are very comfortable and flattering. This membership costs $49.95 a month and you can skip the month if you do not want to order anything for that month.

2. Just Fab

Just Fab is a footwear, clothing, and accessory subscription service. I liked this service, each month you are emailed your own personal boutique with items chosen for you based on a style quiz you filled out at the time of signing up. If you do not like anything in your boutique feel free to search the site for any style shoe or outfit that better suits you. I ended my membership due to budgeting, but I would consider resigning up soon. This subscription costs $39.95 a month and like Savage X Fenty you can skip the month if you do not wish to order anything that month.

3. Boxycharm

Obviously, I love Boxycharm. 5 full sized beauty and/or skincare items delivered to your door every month starting at $25 a month how could I say no to that. For $35 extra you can get a monthly premium box with 6-7 premium items. The top box to get would be the Luxe box that comes every three months with up to 8 exclusive products the box being worth up to $395. I get all three, no shame. Since signing up for this subscription I have not had to go shopping for beauty or skincare unless I ran out of a staple product or favorite. You can cancel at anytime with no penalty and pick up where you left off at any time. I also like that you get to choose 1-2 products that come in your box depending on your subscription.

4. Ipsy

I love Ipsy! Each month you receive a cute makeup bag (also known as a glam bag) filled with 5 typically trial sized beauty products for $12 a month. They also have an upgrade to the base glam bag called glam bag plus which features 5 full sized products for $25 a month. I like the cute makeups bags and brand selection. I did end my subscription though, once I signed up for Boxycharm because they were offering full sized products out the gate and I felt I was getting more bang for my buck.

5. Hello Fresh

Last but certainly not least on this list is Hello Fresh. I do not have a subscription, but I have been thinking about getting one for a while. Hello Fresh is a weekly meal subscription that sends you premeasured ingredient and recipes to make delicious, healthy meals at home. I am curious about this subscription because while I do know how to cook it would be nice to try something new without the hassle of going grocery shopping and prepping the ingredients and scrolling through 101 recipes on Google.