“Quarantine” Update

“Quarantine” Update

Yes, “quarantine” because from what I have been seeing everybody outside and Covid must have stopped being deadly?!?!? Granted I have not been living in a shell, I pop out here and there but mask on and sanitizer in tow.

I have been spending copious amounts of time with family to the point it is really comforting, and I am a little afraid of life post quarantine; having to get back out there. I have been looking into remote work since my current employer is filing for bankruptcy and closing stores. Sucks but to be honest nobody was coming to my location and other locations I have visited were empty too. So, here’s to me truly utilizing my skills!!

While in quarantine I have started taking an online course and brushing up on my esthetics knowledge. Staying up to date on what is new in the industry despite not being able to physically get out there and test products or new treatments. I have been keeping myself busy so I do not dwell and wallow in the sea of uncertainty.

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